How does the platform work?

Everything That You Need To Sell Online Courses

Host your online courses in our white-label online course platform with no platform fees, unlimited students, risk free.

Create your own online courses and website in just a few minutes using our course and website builder, no design or technical skills are needed.

Promote your courses with our powerful marketing features. Send newsletters, grow your email list, optimize your ads.

  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Video Hosting
  • Use Stripe or Paypal
  • Use Your Own Currency
  • Phone & Tablet Ready
  • Free Helpdesk Support
  • Built-in Email Marketing
  • Full Features Table
Example of the courses screen, inside the platform
Sales Page Example

Attract Students with a Professional Sales Page

Live Example Page

Here is an example of what your course sales page could look like, in just a few minutes - live example.

No Coding Needed

You don't need to be a designer or a developer to create a beautiful course sales page. Just drop in your thumbnail, set some text and you are ready to go.

Choose Your Own Brand & Url

Use your own brand on your course sales page (including colors, images, etc.), and choose your own Url. You can use our free Url, or set up a custom one.

Phone & Tablet Ready

Your course sales page will look great on both mobile phone and tablet, and is optimized for conversions in each device.

Example of what a Course Sales Page will look like, when created with
Powerful Marketing Features

Send Newsletters, Grow Your Email List, Optimize Your Ads

Send Bulk Newsletters

Send a newsletter to all your students, or only to some of them. For example, send a promotional coupon only to the students that have not yet purchased a certain course.

Built-in Lead Generation

Collect emails in auto-pilot directly on your online course website, thanks to our built-in lead capture forms. Download your student email list at any time - you have full access to their emails.

Facebook Ads Integration

Easily install your Facebook Pixel on your website (no code needed), and optimize your Ads for purchases and lead generation.

Email Marketing Integration

Easily integrate with your favorite email marketing provider, including Mailchimp, Mailerlite and ConvertKit.

Example of installation of the Facebook Pixel
Example of what a Course Sales Page will look like, when created with
Online Payments

Seamlessly Accept Online Payments

Stripe and Paypal

Connect with your favorite payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe), and start collecting online credit card payments from students all over the globe.

Get Paid in Your Own Currency

Get paid in your own national currency, hundreds of currencies supported. The supported currencies include, but are not limited to: USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, INR.

Instant Payouts, No Fees

Each payment lands immediately in your Stripe or Paypal account, within seconds of the student purchase. We don't charge fees, and you have full access to your funds at all times and can withdraw anytime.

Simplified Payments Setup

Set up your Stripe or Paypal account in seconds, with just the click of a button - no technical skills required.

User-Friendly Interface

Building Your Courses Couldn't Be Easier

With our super easy-to-use website and course builder, you will have your professional-looking online course website up and running in no time.

No Coding Required You don't have to be a developer or even be tech-savvy to get your courses up and running. Our course and website builder is designed to be easily used by anyone, and if needed we will support you all the way.

No Design Skills Needed You don't have to be a designer or have design skills to create a beautiful online course landing page and website. Just set some text and a few images, and we will create a highly optimized course landing page for you.

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The easy-to-use course builder of the platform
First-class Student Experience

Give Your Students The Best Possible Course Experience

Make Your Course More Interactive With Assignments and Quizzes

Give your students an engaging course-taking experience with assignments, quizzes and other interactive activities.

Responsive Course Player

Build beautiful video courses that are a joy to watch in desktop, tablet and phone, thanks to our responsive course player.

Digital Downloads & Written Lessons

Add digital downloads to your courses (PDFs, zip files), such as assignments and other support material. Add complementary written lessons, with text and images.

Student Discussions

Your students will be able to engage actively with you and each other directly in each lesson, as well as search for answers, making the course more fun and interactive.

Example of what the responsive course player will look like
Choose your business model

Sell Courses, Bundles, Enterprise Plans, Subscriptions, and more

Our platform supports all sorts of different types of course creation business models.

You can sell your courses separately with or without discount coupons, you can make them part of a subscription, or even generate higher-ticket sales with Bundles, Enterprise plans (sell access to a whole team), or a Lifetime plan.

  • Sell Courses Individually
  • Course Discount Coupons
  • Course Bundles
  • Subscriptions
  • Subscription Discounts
  • Enterprise Plans
  • Lifetime Plan
Example of the courses screen, inside the platform
It Really Is Your Brand

Get Full Control Over Your Online Course Business

With our platform, you are in charge at all times of your online course business. This means that you get full control over your brand, including your website url.

This also means that you have instant access to all your funds as soon as each student pays them. There are no fees taken on our side, and you can withdraw your full funds anytime you want.

You can also access anytime your students email list, and email them as much as you need.

  • Your Students
  • Your Brand
  • Your Website
  • Your Money
With, you are in control of your brand.
Learn From Other Course Creators

Join the Course Creator Academy

Learn everything that you need to know to become a successful online course creator, all in one place, for free.

Find like-minded course creators that can help you in your online course creation journey.

Get your questions on course creation answered for free by our community, and by our course creation experts.

  • Free Facebook Group
  • Course Creation Guides
  • Academy Newsletter
  • Course Creation Tips
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Next Steps

Create Your Course Now.

You can start now simply by signing in to the platform. You have a 14-day free trial to try out the platform, and you can trial any plan that you like to see if it meets your needs.

During the trial you will get access to all the features of your plan of your choice.

  • Free Sign In
  • 14-day Free Trial
  • Simplified Course Builder
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Create Your Course Now

Course Creator Testimonials is one of the most user-friendly course creation websites I have used so far. The landing page looks amazing, and you don't need any web creation skills to publish a professional site. Two very special features to me are: 1) Free training and advice; 2) One link to all my courses on this site.

Susan Allin
English, Maths and Art Course Creator South Africa

My experience with Customer Service is really good. I'm a first time course creator. The platform is easy to use and any questions were responded to quickly by the team to help me get my course launched successfully! Really grateful for the way support was always friendly. I will be creating more courses with in the future!

Bonnie Hunt
Watercolour & Nature Journaling Course Creator United States

I was searching for a course hosting platform for months, something feature rich but also economical to meet my budget.

I explored many products, they were feature rich, no doubt, but at the same time, they were expensive.

Then I found and my search ended with this awesome platform.

This platform competes very well with so many expensive platforms in the market, a very beatiful and customizable course landing page makes it unique.

Luxmi Narayan
Programming & Cloud Course Creator India

Online Course platform is helping me to achieve my dream of selling online courses with more than just a platform. The community has been helpful to get me started and given me encouragement and useful practical advice. I haven’t launched yet, but I am getting there and feeling more confident about what I need to do.

Jaki Wasike-Sihanya
Life & Self-Improvement Coach Kenya

Before getting to know about, I had been using a paid platform to host my courses and the subscription fee was a huge burden for me.

I was a newbie in online course business hence spending massive time figuring out how to use the platform besides creating courses, before I could enjoy the features of the platform, my annual subscription expired.

Due to the bad experience, I decided not to continue the subscription plan but trying to look for other platform. I am grateful I came across, it is so much easier to use, it is free to host courses (3 course for free, this is a lot to me) which helped reduce the burden on my limited budget, even for the paid plan, it is so much cheaper than other platforms.

One of the best thing that I could get nowhere else is the support and resources (yes, all are free) provided by the founder, Vasco.

Furthermore, Vasco has shared the knowledge based on his real experience how he made million dollars from his online course business, meaning, the lessons and advice from Vasco are extremely practical!

Alice Ng
Online Course Influencer and Coach Malasya

Pricing Plans

No platform fees. Unlimited students. Risk free.

14-day Free Trial
$0 /month

All plans include:

  • Unlimited Students
  • Publish Your First Course
  • Free Helpdesk Support
  • Access to the Creator Academy
  • Videos, Quizzes, Assignments, Digital Downloads, Text Lessons, Audio
  • Instant Access to your Payments: Stripe or Paypal
  • Free Web Address
Start Free Trial
Basic Plan
$15 /month

All Free plan features, plus:

  • Unlimited Courses
  • 2 Admin Accounts
  • Private & Hidden Courses
  • Course Discount Coupons
  • Student Discussions
  • Facebook Ads Integration
  • Email Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Customizable Home Page
  • Custom Branding
  • Third-party Tools
Start Free Trial
Pro Plan
$31 /month

All Basic plan features, plus:

  • Bulk Emails (Newsletters)
  • Custom Web Address
  • Completion Certificates
  • Unlimited Admin Accounts
  • Priority Helpdesk Support
  • Course Bundles
  • Subscriptions
  • Subscription Coupons
  • Enterprise Plans
  • Lifetime Plan
Start Free Trial

Compare Plans

Plans Free Trial Basic Pro
Transaction Fees No Transaction Fees No Transaction Fees No Transaction Fees
Unlimited Students All Plans
Paid and Free Courses All Plans
Unlimited Video Hosting & Bandwidth All Plans
Unlimited Content Storage All Plans
Secure E-Commerce Solution All Plans
Sell Courses with Stripe All Plans
Sell Courses with Paypal All Plans
EU VAT Compliant Billing Solution (via Quaderno) All Plans
Most Currencies Supported (EUR, GBP, INR, etc.) All Plans
Instant Access to your Payments All Plans
Phone & Tablet Ready All Plans
Free Helpdesk Support All Plans
Access to the Course Creator Academy All Plans
Video Lessons All Plans
Digital Downloads All Plans
Quizzes All Plans
Assignments All Plans
Audio Lessons All Plans
Text Lessons All Plans
Free Web Address All Plans
Unlimited Courses Basic & Above
2 Admin Accounts Basic & Above
Private Courses (by invitation only) Basic & Above
Hidden Courses (not visible publicly) Basic & Above
Multi-Language Support Basic & Above
Course Discount Coupons Basic & Above
Lead Generation Basic & Above
Student Discussions Basic & Above
Bulk Import Existing Students Basic & Above
Email Marketing Integration with Mailchimp Basic & Above
Email Marketing Integration with ConvertKit Basic & Above
Email Marketing Integration with Mailerlite Basic & Above
Simplified Facebook Pixel Installation Basic & Above
Facebook Ads Integration, Retargeting Basic & Above
Customizable Website Branding: Colors, Favicon, etc. Basic & Above
Customizable Menu Navigation And Footer Basic & Above
Customizable Home Page Basic & Above
Google Analytics and Search Console Integration Basic & Above
Third-Party Plugins Integration Basic & Above
Send Bulk Emails (Newsletters) Pro & Above
Custom Web Address with Free SSL Certificate Pro & Above
Unlimited Admin Accounts Pro & Above
Completion Certificates Pro & Above
Priority Helpdesk Support Pro & Above
Remove All Platform Branding Pro & Above
Recurring Subscriptions Pro & Above
Course Bundles Pro & Above
Subscription Discount Coupons Pro & Above
Enterprise Plans Pro & Above
Lifetime Plan Pro & Above

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Are there any platform fees?

There aren't any platform fees in any plan, including during the free trial. This means that 100% of the value of each sale will go straight into your Stripe or Paypal account, minus the small credit card processing fees that those payment processing companies might charge.

How powerful is the free trial?

It's pretty powerful. You can test all the features of the plan that you are trialling. For example, you can create and even sell your first online course using Stripe or Paypal with no problem, and fully test all the features of the platform.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my creator plan easily?

Yes, you can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time from inside your dashboard.

What is the Enterprise Plans feature in the Pro plan?

With this feature, you can sell team subscriptions to companies. For example, a company might purchase you a subscription for a team of 10 employees.

Can I sell E-books?

Yes, besides videos you can also upload E-books under the form of a PDF or other file types and add them to a premium lesson and sell them that way.

Can I create free courses?

Yes, in fact we recommend that you create at least one small free course. A free course is a great way of growing your student base and your mailing list as well.

Can I give free access to certain lessons?

Yes, in fact we recommend that you mark a certain number of lessons as free for each premium course, especially the introductory lessons in order to give students a chance to take a closer look at the course before buying.

What type of other promotional tools do I have available?

Besides being able to create free courses and mark certain lessons as free on premium courses, you can also create promotional coupons for individual courses for events like Black Friday or New Year, and send them to your mailing list. You can also create coupons for recurring subscriptions and sell your courses in bundles.

What type of lessons can I create?

Besides video lessons, you can also create many other types of lessons, including digital downloads, text lessons, quizzes, assignments and audio lessons.

Can I get access to student emails?

Yes, you can access the email of any student that logs in to your website, as well as any student that submits his email to the newsletter via the top menu Newsletter button or any of our embedded forms. You can also add the student email to your mailing list automatically (Basic plan needed), by integrating your account with your email provider.

Do I have to use a custom web domain?

No, this is completely optional, you can also host your courses directly on our domain as well. For example, let's say that you are a yoga instructor. You can start your online school and we will host it for you for example at Later on, if you want to use your own custom domain you can request us to activate the domain and we will take care of it.

How do I request the activation of a custom web domain?

You can do this by logging in with your creator account, and accessing the Admin => School Settings menu (Pro plan needed). From there you can fill in the custom domain activation form and we will begin the process of domain activation.

Will you take care of website security for the custom domain?

Yes, we will set up a secure SSL connection for your website for free. If you already have your own certificate, you can send it to us as well and we will install it.

Do I have to own the custom domain?

Yes, the custom web domain is a main part of your brand and it's essential that you own it already, before starting the process of activating a custom domain.

Any other questions?

No problem, we are happy to hear from you! You can always reach us at and we will get back to you ASAP, typically within the day.